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Pelvic belt

As a medical device, a pelvic belt is used in three main situations: during pregnancy, for wheelchair support and for first aid. If you need to buy one, take a look at our pelvic belt models.

  • Mesh pelvic belt

    42.90 € incl. VAT

  • Pelvic belt

    35.90 € incl. VAT

  • Pelvic belt with mesh shoulder straps

    49.90 € incl. VAT

  • Pelvic belt with ventilated shoulder straps

    52.90 € incl. VAT

  • Ventilated pelvic belt

    45.90 € incl. VAT

  • Limited stock before disappearance

    Wheelchair pelvic belt with shoulder straps

    59.90 € incl. VAT


What is a pelvic belt?

The pelvic belt is a part of the human anatomy, consisting of several bones, at the level of the pelvis. It lies between the lower limbs and the upper body and includes the sacrum. A pelvic belt is a medical device used during pregnancy, for wheelchair support, or after a fracture, for example by firefighters in an emergency.

With the exception of the pelvic belt in pregnancy, pelvic belts are medical devices that are not intended to reduce pelvic pain. They are support or restraint belts. The pain in question is gynaecological pain, but can sometimes be caused by a different problem, affecting for example an organ close to the pelvis (kidneys, intestines...).

The wheelchair pelvic belt: support and safety

A wheelchair pelvic belt is a support belt for PRM (person with reduced mobility) in a wheelchair. It is most often used for an elderly dependent person in a wheelchair, so that the senior does not fall out of the wheelchair. Because older people in wheelchairs may try to stand up, this device is sometimes called a "pelvic restraint belt".

But for disabled people of all ages, it is also an accessory that improves comfort, as well as safety. A pelvic support belt in a wheelchair will compensate for the weakness of the muscles in the anatomical belt. There is also a pelvic support belt in bed for an elderly person with reduced mobility who has suffered repeated falls while getting out of bed.

Pregnancy belt: pain relief

Pelvic pain is a common problem in pregnant women. It can range from mild to severe, especially during movement. A pregnancy belt is intended to relieve this pain, but it can often be used after the birth. It is an effective pelvic support belt, also known as a "lumbopelvic maternity belt". It relieves lower back pain, pelvic ligament pain and pelvic pain in general.

It is most useful in the last months of pregnancy, but in some cases it can be prescribed much earlier. It is therefore adjustable over the months. It can have whalebones for a reinforced support or be a more flexible band to be worn under the belly.

The emergency pelvic belt: immobilising an injured person

The other type of pelvic belt is for immobilising a person after a pelvic fracture. The pelvic belt will stabilise the pelvis. The most severe risk with this fracture is bleeding. Rescuers place a pelvic belt on the injured person, a simple to use device, which is effective both for the future treatment of the fracture and against bleeding. As with the lumbopelvic support belt for pregnant women, it can also reduce pain.

Is the pelvic belt reimbursed?

A pelvic belt for pregnancy is reimbursed by social security, with a prescription, as well as pelvic orthoprostheses called half pelvic belts, but not pelvic support belts for wheelchairs.


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