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  • Bath seats

    Swivel bath chair, hanging bath seat, single seat inside the bathtub or bath access system at home or in communities, the choices are multiple to facilitate your toilet and keep your autonomy in the bathtub.
    We advise you to equip yourself with lifting bars and non-slip solutions near your bathtub to reduce the risk of falls.

    • Cap Vert backrest

      66.00 € incl. VAT

    • Cap Vert hanging bath seat

      155.00 € incl. VAT

    • Cap Vert swivel armchair

      210.00 € incl. VAT

    • Capri Suspended Bath Seat

      from 66.50 € incl. VAT

    • Key West Bath Seat

      37.90 € incl. VAT

    • Kingfisher Bath Seat 20 cm

      from 48.50 € incl. VAT

    • Best seller

      Mayotte Hanging Bath Seat

      59.90 € incl. VAT

    • Profilo bath seat

      from 87.90 € incl. VAT

    • Best seller

      Sicile Bath Seat

      from 54.50 € incl. VAT

    • Best seller

      Slide access chair

      229.00 € incl. VAT

    • Soft Swivel Bath Chair

      235.00 € incl. VAT

    • Best seller

      Stromboli swivel bath chair

      165.00 € incl. VAT

    • Best seller

      Swivel bath chair

      149.00 € incl. VAT

    • Best seller

      Zanzibar Suspended Bath Seat

      49.90 € incl. VAT

    About us

    Identités is a French company located in St-Barthélémy-d 'Anjou, near Angers in the Maine-et-Loire.
    For more than 15 years, we have been providing solutions to improve the comfort and autonomy of elderly and disabled people in their daily lives.

    To find out more about us, please visit our YouTube channel.


    For more than 15 years, Identités has been offering solutions to improve the comfort and independence of the elderly and disabled.

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