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For people with reduced mobility and the elderly, discover all our clocks and calendars to find their way in time.

We offer Alzheimer's clocks and clocks for the elderly, which make it easier to keep track of time. Discover our calendar clocks, which can indicate the date but also the time of day, morning or afternoon. Our range includes clocks with the day of the week, wall clocks and clocks for seniors to place on a piece of furniture.

For people who are disoriented or dependent, consider installing monitoring or emergency call devices.

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  • 24 hour clock

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    Classic 2 calendar clock

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  • Day of the week clock Easy

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  • Ephemeris calendar clock

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  • Quaelis 18 CO2 Clock

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  • Radio-controlled phosphorescent clock

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  • Silent clock contrast

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  • Small calendar clock Reference

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    StimLed calendar clock

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    Timéo radio-controlled calendar clock

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Alzheimer's disease and clocks

Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive memory loss It is mainly found in people over 80 years of age, but can start earlier. It mainly affects people over the age of 80, but can start earlier. Women are more affected than men. With the first symptoms, patients often confuse words, forget to do common everyday things (or how to do them), get lost and lose track of time. And speaking of time, Alzheimer's is detected by the clock test , to check several cognitive functions. It usually involves drawing a clock with the hands indicating a specific time and giving it to the patient.

The usefulness of an Alzheimer clock

It is difficult for an Alzheimer's patient at a certain stage of the disease to find their way through time. He can forget what time it is and even the day of the week . This often leads to anxiety. A conventional clock only tells the time. An Alzheimer clock provides other information. It is a calendar clock for the elderly, which tells the time of day or the date or both.

Where to buy a calendar clock for seniors?

Electronic shops, such as Darty and Boulanger, sell Alzheimer's clocks and digital calendars for seniors. All the major shopping sites such as Amazon also offer senior calendar clocks. Identités is an expert in home care, we have different calendar clocks for the elderly, or specific for Alzheimer's patients. A cheap Alzheimer's clock costs less than €30 and some digital models cost over €100.

Elderly clock and normal clock

Some wall clocks presented as senior calendar clocks may look similar to ordinary products. The difference is in the visibility. If you look closely, they are larger to make them easier to read. Some of them can be seen from several dozen metres away. Other clocks designed for the elderly work by radio control: they do not need to be wound, even to change to summer or winter time.

How to choose a clock for the elderly?

The characteristics depend on the difficulties encountered by the elderly person or the Alzheimer patient. An Alzheimer's calendar gives the time and other markers of time. An Alzheimer's clock will put the time in the foreground and it can be accompanied by one or more additional information. You can therefore choose between senior calendar clock models depending on the importance given to the time via the display.

Overall, you can choose between :


  • more visible analogue clocks than ordinary clocks;

  • the digital clock for Alzheimer's which should display the date in words;

  • the digital calendar clock that you can set to have alarms during the day: this is very useful for Alzheimer's patients who forget to take their medication or meal times;

  • Alzheimer's wall clocks that can be seen in the dark, and are sometimes silent enough to be placed in the bedroom ;

  • the electronic calendar for the elderly: typically, it displays the day of the week in words, whether it is morning or afternoon, the current date and time.

About us

Identités is a French company located in St-Barthélémy-d 'Anjou, near Angers in the Maine-et-Loire.
For more than 15 years, we have been providing solutions to improve the comfort and autonomy of elderly and disabled people in their daily lives.

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For more than 15 years, Identités has been offering solutions to improve the comfort and independence of the elderly and disabled.

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