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Transfer handlebars

Identités offers you a selection of transfer handlebars, necessary to pivot and move a person with reduced mobility.
Transfer harnesses or belts are available in our shop to hold the person being transferred.

  • Moovy manual toilet/shower and transfer chair

    590.00 € incl. VAT

  • RS1 transfer disc

    425.00 € incl. VAT

  • Sit-on transfer device RS3

    919.00 € incl. VAT

  • Static Transfer Handlebar RS2

    519.00 € incl. VAT

  • Turner rotation disc

    459.00 € incl. VAT


What is a transfer handlebar?

A transfer handlebar is a standing aid. It is used to help a person with reduced mobility to stand upright. In most cases, it requires the assistance of a third party. In addition, the dependent person must have sufficient muscle strength in the upper and lower limbs.

The use of a transfer handlebar

An elderly or disabled person may have sufficient muscle tone to stand up, but with the help of a transfer handlebar. With this medical equipment, the family caregiver or professional supervises the transfer, intervening only when the person stands up and sits down.
First, the elderly person or PRM is seated. The person assisting them positions the transfer handlebar under their feet and engages the brake. The dependent person can hold on to the handlebars to stand up and use the shin supports. A transfer handlebar usually leans forward to encourage the person to bend over. The user of the transfer handlebar will be able to sit in a different location, for example in a wheelchair. To do this, most devices swivel.

Swivel or fixed transfer handlebar

The swivel transfer handlebar is the most common type of device for home care of the elderly and assistance to people with disabilities. Fixed transfer bars are more commonly used in medical facilities. Models such as the Aigo Transfer Handlebar are specifically designed for professional use.
A swivel handlebar, such as the Tina transfer handlebar (Alter Eco Santé), only has wheels for unladen journeys. A fixed transfer handlebar can be moved on wheels with the user. Therefore, they are also called rolling transfer bars, while swivel models are actually transfer discs with handlebars.
Most transfer bars are used with a third party. A few models are designed to be used alone, such as the Automax Transfer Handlebar, although this may also depend on the individual patient or condition.

Transfer handlebars at Identités

Identités distributes equipment from various brands, for example the Etac Turner pro and Herdegen Easy Move handlebar lifts. We offer swivel handlebar lifts, such as our RS1 model, static handlebar lifts, such as the RS2, and sit-to-stand lifts, such as the RS3. You will also find models of handlebar transfers with a strap, such as the Aero Move.

Difference between a verticalizer and a transfer handlebar

A transfer handlebar is a type of manual sit-to-stand lift. An electric verticalizer is used for raising people who have no muscle tone or not enough to stand up.

Transfer handle and reimbursement

Please consult the social security of your country to know if a reimbursed by the social security system is possible.

Our other products for a safe transfer

In parallel to the swivel and fixed transfer handlebars, discover the other solutions at Identités for PRM and dependent senior transfers:
• transfer chair
• transfer board and disc
• transfer sheet
• transfer belt and accessories


About us

Identités is a French company located in St-Barthélémy-d 'Anjou, near Angers in the Maine-et-Loire.
For more than 15 years, we have been providing solutions to improve the comfort and autonomy of elderly and disabled people in their daily lives.

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For more than 15 years, Identités has been offering solutions to improve the comfort and independence of the elderly and disabled.

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