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    • Smartassist toilet armrests
    • accoudoirs de wc
    • accoudoirs de toilettes
    • Smartassist toilet armrests

    Smartassist toilet armrests

    • Exceptional stability
    • Tool-free assembly
    • Usage video available below
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    • These SmartAssist armrests are very secure as it presents an exceptional stability. They rest on the floor with 2 wide supports. They are firmly attached to your toilet bowl by two lateral suction cups as well as the bar at the front. The comfortable armrests can be adjusted in height to suit all sizes.
      The armrests can also be adjusted in depth using the buttons under the armrest.

      Width adjustment.
      Steel and plastic frame. Tool-free assembly.

      Dimensions: width 68/75 x depth 47.5 x height 63/75 cm.

      Weight 8.5 kg

      Maximum weight: 150 kg.

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