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  • barre sol plafond gripo pole
  • Barre d'appui sol-plafond gripo pole
  • barre sol plafond gripo pole
  • Barre d'appui sol-plafond gripo pole

Gripo Pole

  • High quality manufacturing for maximum robustness
  • Numerous options available
  • Tool-free installation, can be moved at will
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  • The Gripo Pole system is unique: you can place a support adapted and specific to your needs and to any place in the house. The system can be moved at will according to changing needs and can be installed without tools in a few minutes.
    The Gripo Pole works by resistance between the ceiling and the floor thanks to a powerful jack. The disengagement handle at the bottom of the tube is convenient for moving it in seconds.
    The Gripo Pole is enough to help in many configurations, but it is possible to add options to customise the grips and supports.
    Options are available below.

    The installation must be done under a hard ceiling or under a beam reinforcement in the case of a plasterboard ceiling.
    Aluminium mast and reinforced plastic contact parts. Height adjustable from 210 to 300 cm.

    Maximum weight supported: 150 kg.

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