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  • 816118.S-Canne-Grab-and-Go-81,6-cm
  • 816118.S-Canne-Grab-and-Go-poignee
  • 816118.S-Canne-Grab-and-Go-prehension
  • 816118.S-Canne-Grab-and-Go-81,6-cm
  • 816118.S-Canne-Grab-and-Go-poignee
  • 816118.S-Canne-Grab-and-Go-prehension


  • Walking stick and gripper
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  • Walking stick with a very modern design, equipped with a handle made of soft material on the hand contact surfaces. It is equipped with a gripping system for picking up small everyday objects. The mechanism is reversed: when you release the handle, the clamp is tightened, allowing you to pick up objects without holding the handle down.
    3 heights available: 81.6 cm / 86.5 cm / 91.5 cm.

    Resistance 135 kg

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