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  • bequille anglaise
  • canne anglaise pliable

Ergo Tech crutches

  • Height adjustable in 14 different positions
  • Folding of the support for easy storage
  • Sold in pairs
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  • Our Ergo Tech crutch features many technical advances.First, its self-supporting high-tech aluminium tubes gives it optimum rigidity and reduced weight.

    The Ergo Tech model has hand support like the Opti-Comfort. It has a height adjustment of the anterior brachial support (4 positions from 215 to 263 mm). It is equipped with a support folding system that makes it easier to put down the cane. Its unique adjustment capacity allows it to adapt to all users: handle adjustable from 69.5 to 99.5 cm in 14 settings. They are equipped with an anti-ejection adjustment system. Hammered finish aluminium. Anti-noise operation. Articulated base with anti-perforation device and damping effect. High quality French manufacture. Intelligent dynamic and articulated end cap.

    Ultra-light structure: only 465 gr per stick!

    Maximum authorised weight 130 kg.

    The pair.

    3 colours available: blue, black or purple.

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