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  • 861046-ECG-connecte-utilisation
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  • 861046-ECG-connecte
  • 861046-ECG-connecte-utilisation
  • 861046-ECG-connecte-application-mobile


  • Compact and transportable hospital-grade 8 or 12-lead ECG
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  • The device is intended for both private patients and professionals. When registering, the type of profile will be requested. Private patients will be able to perform 8-lead ECGs (DI, DII, DIII, aVR, aVL, aVF, V2, V5), which are easier to perform. Professionals will have access to an asynchronous 12-lead examination by switching the C (or V) electrode. Works with 6 pressure electrodes. Transmission to phone via Bluetooth, possible sending via different platforms (email, messaging, SMS in ODF format. Operates on rechargeable battery (24 hours continuous use). Charge for 2 hours. The ECG is charged by simply placing it in the hard case provided, connected to a USB cable.
    Dimensions: 117 x 133 x 44 mm. Weight 196 gr.
    1 year warranty.

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