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  • Aérosept Ultra 150

Aérosept Ultra 150

  • Air disinfection system in connected mode
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  • The Aerosept Ultra diffuses a solution that is evenly distributed over all the surfaces to be treated, using an ultrasonic nozzle.
    Controlled aerosolization, optimal distribution, connected equipment, complete monitoring, safety and simplicity.
    For use in operating theatres, intensive care units, patient rooms, emergency rooms, laboratories, ambulances...

    When the device is in use, the light is on or it shows it on the application.
    Selection of the volume and of the operator possible by input or by barcode.
    Indication of the start and end time of the cycle.
    Setting of the cycle start time.
    Automatic calculation of diffusion and contact time with a peristaltic pump.
    Pre-registration possible for 1 to 6 users and 1 to 6 rooms.
    Remote start of the device, automatic stop in case of malfunction, remote and real time control, full traceability

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